Gut Health Nutrition Services

Find the Support You Need to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally & Stop the Bloat… Once and For All

Gut Health Nutrition Services

Find the Support You Need to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally & Stop the Bloat… Once and For All

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I want you to take a moment and think about your gut health journey thus far… I’m willing to bet:


You experience symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, and brain fog on the regular


You’ve tried an elimination diet (or 3.. or 5…), but this only led to restrictive eating and short term symptom relief


You’ve stayed up waaay past your bedtime, because you got stuck in a rabbit hole on Reddit Sherlock Holmes-ing your way to gut symptom relief


You think you’ve “tried it all” and it seems like there might be no hope left for you (Spoiler alert: That’s not true!)


You might have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by a doctor, but left the office feeling like you knew less walking out than when you came to the appointment

You have “identified” multiple food triggers so now your diet solely consists of something like plain chicken and potatoes (you might even be scared of food!)

If you found yourself nodding along to this checklist, then you’re probably ready to just be done with your hot mess gut. Maybe you feel bloated after drinking water. Or you feel like it takes all of your energy to simply collapse on the couch when you get home – waiting for your partner to bring you takeout. I think we can both agree, you are not living your “best life”.

Whether it’s not being able to give your full self while at work or in your relationships, I can tell you there’s a better way. And NO, I don’t mean elimination diets or food sensitivity tests. With a track record of helping clients achieve an 80-90% reduction in symptoms… Along with improved relationships, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life, my Gut Rehab program is proven to help you reach long term wellness.

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From barely making it through the day to excitedly planning for the future

From the outside looking into my life no one would have ever known there was a problem other than the inflammation you could see in my body and weight gain. I had just enough energy to make it through my work day, but nothing extra after that. I was so irritable because I did not feel good. […] I have more energy to work out and do extras around the house for my family. I can think so clearly now. I am not in as much pain, and I am on my way to losing more weight to get back to being happy in my own skin. My hormones feel like they are back in control and my hormonal acne is a lot less, too. I am back to thinking ahead, preparing for the future at work and in home life.

Gut Rehab Signature Program

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

You are unique! And so should be your approach to healing your gut. Gut Rehab is my signature virtual nutrition counseling program that goes beyond diet through sustainable mindset, lifestyle and nutrition coaching. This program brings you the perfect combination of a completely personalized plan totally unique to you alongside comprehensive (but always fun!) training. My trainings teach you how to eat for gut health and maintain lifelong health practices with the support of a vibrant, encouraging community of fellow gut health rehabbers so you can feel better as quickly and completely as possible. My time-tested approach has helped hundreds of people like yourself.

What’s included in Gut Rehab:

Full access to my Gut Rehab Resource Library

All of the foundational information you need to know is taught through a self-paced online course with worksheets and implementation tools along the way

Personalized 1:1 Sessions with Katie

Designed to discuss your symptoms, hurdles, and story, dream about your future, talk gut healing strategy, review labs and keep you accountable

2x Monthly Group Calls

Your bimonthly chance to connect with others, get coaching, celebrate wins, and go deeper on topics of interest

Functional Lab Testing

Lab tests can helps us identify the underlying causes of your symptoms (at no added cost to you!)

Messaging Access with Katie

So you never feel alone in this journey, I keep you accountable via messaging. You can reach out with wins, questions, clarifications, and to request feedback

Gut Rehab Community

Food, Symptom, & Lifestyle Journal

Personalized Nutrition & Supplement Plans

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From out of office to promoted & paid

Before working with you, there were times I felt I couldn’t walk or talk because I was so tired and had so much brain fog. My business managers always knew to not give me too much work because I’m sick and can’t handle it. But I’m feeling so good, I actually asked my boss if there is an opportunity to take more responsibility on!

If you can say yes to 2+ items in the following list, Gut Rehab is for you:

You experience digestive symptoms like bloating, fatigue, brain fog, heartburn, gas,  constipation, acid reflux, and/or diarrhea
You’ve been diagnosed with IBS, but you’re still not sure what steps to take to heal
You’ve had a colonoscopy or endoscopy and “everything is fine”
You’ve tried supplements or OTC medications but have yet to find relief
You’re so overwhelmed and confused about what to eat that you’ve given up OR are on a very restrictive diet
You’re scared of food and have anxiety about eating, going to restaurants, or traveling

Here’s what Gut Rehab is NOT

Gut Rehab is not an elimination diet

Gut Rehab is not a food sensitivity test

Gut Rehab is not a supplement regimen

Gut Rehab is not a one-size-fits-all protocol

Gut Rehab is not a strict or restrictive meal plan or fad diet

Our goal is for you to live a vibrant & sustainable life.

Gut Rehab empowers you to be an expert in your own body. Upon completion of the program, you will feel better. If symptoms appear, you will have the toolkit to navigate them and quickly get back to feeling your best. This might be bold to say, but I truly believe Gut Rehab is the last gut health program you will ever need.

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A year and half later...

I just wanted you to know that I am gardening this year. My 12 year old has done most of the work but I help him weed sometimes and I have learned to can pickles and beets! We also got chickens which again my kids are mostly in charge of because I am pregnant. I also was able to cook and bring a lot of meals to my husband and his workers in the field during harvest, more than ever before! We are thinking about homeschooling our special needs son, and our summer at home with him is going better than ever! I would have never thought this was all possible a year or two ago.

What’s it like working with me?

Connect The Dots


I look at your whole story, from beginning to today, and connect the dots. I notice the details that others have skimmed over. Our bodies are systems of systems, and your symptoms tell a story about what has gone awry.

Make a Game Plan


This is your story, and you are a partner in making a plan to get your gut health rehabbed. I use my scientific training and experience as a clinical nutritionist, while you bring your intricate knowledge of yourself to the table. With this combination, we come up with a personalized gut health nutrition plan unique to your health goals.

Rehab Your Gut


This is the “meat and potatoes” of our work together! We implement the game plan we created together, breaking it down into pieces that get you excited and motivated to move forward, and making adjustments as needed. Through this gut rehab, we focus on gut health nutrition, plus environmental and lifestyle factors that need to be adjusted to get you feeling like your best self.

Do A Happy Dance!


Once your gut starts healing naturally, you’ll feel better than you have felt in years. So good, you might just have to get up and do a happy dance – or several!

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From "trying everything" to finally understanding her body

When I first found Katie, I must admit I was very skeptical. I had tried many things to heal my gut, & it seemed nothing was working. Katie took the time to answer my questions & listen to MY STORY. She has been a part of my healing journey, & I am so thankful! I came to her with many food intolerances, constant fatigue, bloating & constipation, plus muscle pain to the point I could barely workout. Fast forward a year & most of those symptoms are very minor now. It took time, work & changing up the game plan, but I’m so thankful I did not give up! I now have tools, resources & understand my body so much more!

The Gut Rehab Framework

Here’s a sneak peek into how my virtual nutrition counseling program can transform your gut health and your life using these four steps to reach a confident, rejuvenated, inspired, thriving life!

Click or tap the infographic to zoom in.
  Watch the video to learn more.

Are you ready to feel like the person you want to be?

This is the last gut health program you will ever need.

I can help you relieve your digestive system issues and reach your health goals… for good!

The first step is watching my free training covering my 4-step proven method for finding lasting relief in your gut symptoms!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?
The work I do is very high touch and hands on. I do not accept insurance because they currently do not reimburse for services like the ones I provide. I am able to accept payment from health savings accounts and am also happy to provide any billing documentation you need to submit for possible reimbursement through your insurance company.
What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards including cards associated with HSA/FSA accounts. Additionally, I offer flexible payment options to fit into your budget, such as AfterPay and Klarna.

Do I have to live in Texas to work with you?

While I strongly believe the lone star state is the best of the best 🤠… you do not have to live in Texas for me to help you. I provide virtual services, which allows us to work together remotely – isn’t technology great?

What if I can't afford Gut Rehab?

I never want finances to hold you back from getting the help that you need. Therefore, I do have a variety of options to fit budgetary restraints, including payment plans. Plus, I accept third-party payments through Klarna and Affirm. If you know this program is for you, start by watching my 4 step method training.

How long does it take to see an improvement in my symptoms?

Your body is unique, your symptoms are unique – and so is your gut healing time! Many many factors are at play here. However, I can say that most all of my Gut Rehab signature program clients experience significant improvement in symptoms within 2-3 weeks of implementing their gut health blueprint.

Can you guarantee results?

While I cannot guarantee you 100% health improvement, my track record has shown an 80-90% symptom reduction in my clients. Furthermore, I promise you that you’ll always know what you need to do, you’ll never feel left alone, and I will show up for you 100%.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

I’m glad you asked! There is no set standard for the title of “nutritionist”. Different programs have different criteria, and all use the same “nutritionist” title at the end of the training. So while there are some fantastic nutritionist certification programs out there, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Registered Dietitians are board certified through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. We all have to successfully complete a college degree in nutrition science, along with an internship, that meets certain criteria and pass a board examination before we can use the title Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Still have questions? Contact Katie.