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Finally Gain Freedom From Your GI Symptoms And Live Your Life to the Fullest

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Reduce bloating, fatigue, & other gut symptoms while boosting your body confidence & self-worth

Gut Health Nutrition Specialist & Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Now is the time to stop your Symptom Silencing Quest and instead take action. The maze of elimination diets, supplements, medications, and relentless research into gut issues has only led to frustration and despair. But I promise – clarity exists beyond this confusion. I’ve witnessed my clients experience reduced bloating and discomfort, heightened energy levels for activities they cherish, enhanced digestive regularity, and a newfound food-related confidence. In fact, the transformation in their gut health is so profound that it ripples into other realms of life – from financial aspects and hobbies to relationships and professional endeavors.

Katie's 4 step method

Learn my 4-Step Proven Method for Lasting Relief From Your Gut Issues

Take the First Step in Reducing Your Gut Symptoms

Stop the suffering already! Stop living in leggings or maternity jeans because you’re constantly bloated. Stop stressing about relentless constipation or urgent diarrhea. Stop suffering from heartburn every time you eat. Eating, traveling, being outside of your house, going to work… all of these daily tasks should be stress-free!

Hi, I’m Katie Lovitt 👋


My purpose as a gut health nutrition specialist is to empower YOU to get the answers you need, so you can harness your energy and accomplish true healing from chronic gut symptoms. After all, you were created to live a life filled with excitement and vitality.

I believe that health is a lifelong journey and, if done properly, a fun and delicious one!

It is my greatest honor to walk alongside clients as they achieve optimal health and wellness, so that they are able to truly feel their very best! I do this by taking an evidence-based functional medicine approach… I focus on finding the root cause of your digestive system issues to relieve the symptoms and remove the actual cause.

With this approach we can answer WHY you are experiencing your symptoms and therefore work to resolve imbalances that have a widespread impact throughout your body.

You are a unique, wonderful, and beautiful creation! I treat you as such through our work together. As a result, your nutrition care plan will be completely personalized for your body’s specific needs.

Client Success Stories

“... this is truly a lifelong lifestyle change... my life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I have no more digestive all! I feel better mentally and have a better sense of well-being.  Not only that, I have lost 10 lbs. ..."

–S.T., Nutrition Client

“... I now have the tools in my tool box so to speak that will help me so that if my symptoms flare up from eating foods that trigger them, I am able to manage them easily. This gives me so much freedom that I didn’t have before!!”

–E.S., Nutrition Client

“... It made me feel really comfortable that she not only understood what was causing my symptoms, but also took the time to explain and make sure I understood what was happening …”

–K.B., Nutrition Client

Are you ready to improve your digestion, your life, and your overall well-being?

Take the first step! Watch my free training covering my 4-step proven method for finding lasting relief and feeling better once and for all.

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