Dietitian-Approved Supplements & Vitamins

I am a dietitian, and nutrition is the cornerstone of my work with clients. However, oftentimes when your digestive tract is compromised, food isn’t quite enough to take you over the finish line and achieve the transformation you’re looking for. Supplements do just that – they “supplement” the nutrition changes you are making to boost your results. I’ve seen amazing results in my clients’ symptoms and gut function when they follow my combined approach of lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations.

However, just as we have to be diligent about the food that we put in our body, we also must be diligent with supplements. Many supplements you purchase from grocery and drug stores or direct-to-consumer websites may not have the quality you need to get the results you’re working toward. Oftentimes, supplements contain synthetic ingredients that your body can’t use as effectively or fillers that may actually make your gut health worse.

Maybe even more importantly, there is a big question mark around the topic of quality. Supplement regulations are tightening up, but have been very lax for a long time – meaning you can’t be confident that what you’re buying off the shelf is actually what you think you are buying.

The solution? Go with a professional grade supplement. I only recommend the highest quality scientifically-formulated brands with proven efficacy. To place an order please visit this link or set up an initial consult session with Katie to discuss personalized recommendations. Your order will ship directly to you.

Fullscript‘s mission is to change the way health and wellness is prescribed by working with cutting edge practitioners, quality-focused suppliers, and patients who refuse to accept the way conventional medicine is prescribed.

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