Gut Rehab

How to Heal Your Gut in 6 Months (without restrictive diets or an endless amount of supplements)

For women ready to reduce their chronic digestive symptoms and heal their gut for good!

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Gut Rehab


Reduce your chronic digestive symptoms


Heal your gut for good


Feel vibrant and confident in your body

Gut Rehab Program shown on a computer screen and as handouts Mock-Up


Gut Rehab

Gut Rehab Program shown on a computer screen and as handouts Mock-Up

The premiere coaching program that helps women reduce their chronic digestive symptoms & heal their gut for good.

Our 6 months together will include:

The Gut Rehab Resource Library

A proven step by step method to take you from hot mess gut to vibrant soul in a step-by-step resource library!

Get instant access upon enrolling

1:1 Calls with Katie

Personalization + Partnership is a key to success in Gut Rehab. We will work together to refine your plan and troubleshoot.

2x/Month Group Calls

Join a supportive community focused on relieving gut symptoms, where you’ll receive personalized hot seat coaching for ongoing adjustments and guidance.

Clients-Only Portal with Engagement & Support

Need support throughout the week? Get daily support & accountability M-F.

Bi-Weekly Assignement Review & Feedback

Assess your progress, get feedback on meal plans, food journals, and other goals as well as celebrate wins & troubleshoot struggles.

Gut Zoomer Functional Stool Test

Like going with Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus through your digestive tract!
Screenshot-My bloating is 70% gone and my gas is completely gone - 8 weeks in!
Screenshot-I have many wins, my energy is back, no heartburn pills, bloating has subsided and bowel movements are natural
Screenshot-My pain is 85-90% gone and bloating is 70-75% gone! We are just halfway done working together
Screenshot-My pants are loose now and I'm less puffy in the face. I'm feeling so much better

What You’ll Learn:

Gut Rehab Phase 1 - Mind-Body Connection

Phase One: Your Mind-Body Connection

No more white knuckling nutrition & lifestyle changes!

👉 A way to think that helps you move forward instead of holding you back

👉 No longer working hard to unknowingly self-sabotage & undermine your results

👉 You’ll never get lasting relief from your chronic digestive symptoms without getting rid of your all or nothing beliefs. Extremes + shoulds = a recipe for repeat FAILS


Gut Rehab Phase 2 - Customized Healing Plan

Phase Two: Your Customized Healing Plan

No more blind trial and error or being a silent spectator in your health journey!

👉 A customized blueprint to heal your gut – we’ll create a guidebook of exactly what to do to get results

👉 Finally participate in your health journey instead of just doing what the doctor says

👉 You’ll never see real progress or lasting IBS symptom relief without a complete, customized plan that takes into account YOUR root causes

Gut Rehab Phase 3 - Take Back Control

Phase Three: Take Back Control

Enjoy date night dinners without anxiety and birthday treats with your kids without symptom flares!

👉 Relief is here! Everyday you’ll know better, manage better, and feel better

👉 Be empowered to participate and own your journey to health so you can maintain your freedom

👉 You’ll always have to rely on an expert to tell you what to do to reduce your gut symptoms if you don’t have these breakthroughs

Gut Rehab Phase 4 - Freedom from Flareups

Phase Four: Break Free from Flareups


👉 Step into your new chapter of freedom

👉 Stop the cycle of starting over each Monday or chasing the latest fad. Your blueprint becomes a sustsainable lifestyle and you’ll embody the best version of yourself every day

👉 You’ll never stop feeling like your gut is running your life without learning to navigate the triggers that cause flareups

You’re ready to apply if:

✅ You’re coachable and ready to implement a step by step proven process to reduce your chronic digestive symptoms

✅ Ready to stop following elimination diets or looking for food sensitivities and ready to look for a holistic, big picture strategy

✅ Ready to learn step by step how to reduce your chronic digestive symptoms without guessing about what supplements to take

✅ Ready to invest in your health and personal growth

✅ Eager to experience a massive transformation for yourself

✅ Passionate about your health and ready to take it to the next level

This is NOT for you If:

❌ You want to feel better by having someone just tell you what to do

❌ You don’t want to spend any money toward healing your gut & feeling better

❌ You are just wanting a meal plan or list of food sensitivities to avoid

❌ You don’t believe in a functional medicine approach

Need more proof?

My clients have made serious improvements in all areas of their lives.
Here’s what they are saying:

“… this is truly a lifelong lifestyle change… my life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I have no more digestive issues…at all! I feel better mentally and have a better sense of well-being.  Not only that, I have lost 10 lbs. …”

–S.T., Nutrition Client

“… I now have the tools in my tool box so to speak that will help me so that if my symptoms flare up from eating foods that trigger them, I am able to manage them easily. This gives me so much freedom that I didn’t have before!!”

–E.S., Nutrition Client

“… It made me feel really comfortable that she not only understood what was causing my symptoms, but also took the time to explain and make sure I understood what was happening …”

–K.B., Nutrition Client

Screenshot-Overall I've been doing well and bloating, fatigue, and aches are at a low
Screenshot-I cannot express how much I appreciate al your work over the past 7 months
Screenshot-I appreciate everything you did for me. You helped me during some of the toughest times of my life. I'm doing better tummy wise.
Screenshot-I woke up so refreshed, so alert, so much energy, I haven't felt this good in a while