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Shop Local + Pamper Yourself

Apr 9, 2020 | Self Care

Hi Friends! I hope you all are doing well – staying safe, getting into your groove (see last week’s blog post), and eating well to boost your immune function. I am so excited to have a co-host on today’s blog post- Rachel Drozdowski of Nominal Goods. I’m not going to share much more about the brand or her products, as I will let her introduce herself, but y’all – her products are AMAZING! She talks about her favorite products – mine is her Luxury Bath Milk – my skin is so silky soft after using it, and the smell is amazing. Plus, she’s given all my readers a discount code to shop with! 15% off on Etsy using code NOURISHTHRIVE Product orders over $35 ship free – here is the link to her Etsy shop!

Without further ado, meet Rachel with Nominal Goods:

Tell me about Nominal Goods! What products are in the line, and how long has the company been around for? Nominal is a home and lifestyle small business that was created in May 2019. I focus on making small batch, clean and cruelty free products with reusable packaging. We carry a variety of organic bath products, hand poured soy candles and jewelry made by hand.

How did you get into making bath soaks? What was the first product you started making? How do you learn about or get ideas for new products? About 5 years ago I started making my own deodorant for the purpose of knowing exactly what I was putting on my body. I was also at the time starting to live a more sustainable life and trying to figure out what products I could switch to making myself. Shortly after I started to make my own candles and from there I was on a journey to making at home self-care products! I learned by looking into ingredients in products I bought that would basically just act as fillers and would research what natural ingredients I could use to replace that were effective. I get new ideas based on what my customers or what I would like to see and get creative with it!

What is your personal favorite? My favorite is luxury but I also love opulence, our new himalayan rose bath fizzer and soak. They both have vibrant organic rose petals which makes a candle lit bath feel so luxurious!

I already absolutely love Luxury, and can’t wait to try Opulence! What is your best seller? My best seller is definitely going to be one of our hand poured soy candles, Arctic Cranberry. A close second would be our floral bath milk Luxury.

What is the best way for people to use your products? The best way to use our bath products is to add 2-3 scoops or amount desired into a warm bath. This will give you 5+ uses per purchase. With candles it is best to trim the wick before every use and not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Lastly, 18k gold plated dangles should be kept dry and stored away properly after use.

I absolutely love your jewelry as well, I am so glad you mentioned that. What all do you use to make your products/what ingredients do you avoid? In my bath milks I use organic coconut milk because it is high in natural fatty acids and rich in vitamins and minerals. It also pampers, soothes, and restores the health and glow of dry or aging skin. I use pure epsom salts in the bath soaks to provide a relaxing muscle recovery that reduces pain and swelling. I also use a variety of organic botanicals like calendula, lavender, chamomile and roses. These act as natural aromatherapy and are known for benefits like increased sleep quality, reduced anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. To put it simply I use all organic, pure and whole natural ingredients to make each product. I avoid using any known toxic or harmful ingredients.

Why is now a great time for people to pamper themselves?

Your mental health is an important part of your overall health. Which is why practicing self-care activities such as going for a walk, connecting with your loved ones and treating yourself to a nice bath or warm candle is important during this time.

Thank you so much for sharing that. I preach it all the time, and it can be so helpful to hear things from multiple people and in different ways. I am so excited for people to try out some of your products as part of their work to manage stress and uncertainty during these times. Where is the best place to purchase? You can shop for Nominal products online in our Etsy shop or on the shelves at Spa Face + Body and Top Knot Hair Studio in downtown Waxahachie. Here is the link to the Etsy shop! Don’t forget to use the code NOURISHTHRIVE for 15% off.

Something new I have been working on new branding/packaging since December of 2019 and I’m so excited to debut the new look for your blog! I wanted my products to develop with my change of taste while keeping their minimal design. In part of making the new layout I chose a chrysanthemum, my daughter’s birth flower. As always, everything is packaged in a reusable glass jar for less waste, only now there is a new sleek black lid!

I am so excited to help share these beautiful products, and debut the new packaging with you! Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is right around the corner if you need to go ahead and shop for the leading ladies in your life, and these would make great birthday and anniversary gifts as well. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Rachel!

15% off on Etsy using code NOURISHTHRIVE Product orders over $35 ship free

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