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Notes from a Gut Health Nutritionist

Your Stress and Digestive Issues Are Leading You On a Symptom Silencing Quest

May 23, 2022 | Gut Health, Health & Wellness, Self Care

You’ve been experiencing never-ending stress and digestive issues… Have you become the hopeless woman with a hot mess gut? 🙀 Here’s how you know:

  • Your stomach is painful, bloated, and you don’t comfortably fit into your clothes anymore.
  • You’ve been to soooo many doctors and tried sooooo many things and haven’t made any significant progress.
  • You feel like an expert among your friends and dive deep into underground forums, but you still can’t seem to quite get your symptoms figured out.
  • Travel is terrifying, because of unknown foods and unknown bathroom situations.
  • You’re emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted from an unhealthy gut and these symptoms take up so much space in your life.
  • You know where every bathroom is everywhere you go.
  • You’re afraid to take on more responsibility at work or start new projects or commitments, because your future feels uncertain due to your gut symptoms.

Do any of these describe you?

A woman sitting on a couch holding her stomach due to presumed digestive issues with a stressed look on her face

You know all those awful hot mess gut symptoms you’re experiencing? What if I told you that these symptoms, the stress and digestive issues, are actually there to help you.

Those symptoms are there because your body is trying to tell you something by showing you those symptoms. And there is a better way to resolve them instead of continuing with a never-ending symptom silencing quest.

That’s right. If you’re struggling with a hot mess gut, you’re probably also finding yourself on what I call a “symptom silencing quest”. Maybe it didn’t start out that way … but let’s be real – the symptoms are so frustrating and uncomfortable, it’s almost impossible for you to focus on anything other than silencing them.

And even if you try to see the bigger picture and look for the breakthrough moment and figure out how your symptoms are all connected, our medical system is just not set up that way in most cases.

Our entire medical system is on a symptom silencing quest.

A graphic titled "Does Your Symptom Silencing Quest Look Like This?" showing a path starting at "endlessly researching symptoms" leading to "supplements and medications for symptoms" to "seeing multiple doctors" to "elimination diets" and ending on a big red "x" with a question mark in the center

Not sure if this is you? Here are some signs this is where you’re at, too:

  • Unique supplements or medications for each symptom (X for heartburn, Y for bloating, Z for constipation)
  • Visiting multiple practitioners with their own specialty where they each focus on silencing specific symptoms
  • Spending hours listening to podcasts, attending free trainings, and going deep on reddit forums looking for help with your gut health symptoms, but not taking action on them
  • Testing for food sensitivities or going on an elimination diet with the goal of getting rid of symptoms

In fact, a symptom silencing quest can cause even bigger problems and more damage than the symptoms themselves. 

A woman with a stressed look on her face looks at a laptop presumably researching her digestive issue symptoms

You’re probably familiar with some of these if you’ve been going down this path:

  • It’s like playing whack-a-mole… New symptoms are always cropping up
  • You spend a huge amount of time and money chasing down ways to silence individual symptoms
  • You never actually feel better or like you’re making improvement
  • The real problem is still there, and likely getting worse

Is this feeling all too familiar, and you’re ready to stop this never-ending quest and start actually making progress in learning to listen to what your body needs, see the bigger picture, and – for goodness sake – feel better?

I would love that for you too! And I get the honor of watching this transformation take place with my clients every single day. (See what they have to say!) You can schedule a free Nourished Clarity Call with me – let’s get you clear on where you want to go and what’s keeping you stuck in with your hot mess gut and never-ending symptom silencing quest… and then get you some actual results. Talk with you soon!

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