Want to reduce your chronic digestive symptoms & heal your gut for good without elimination diets or restricted eating?

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Katie Lovitt, gut health dietitian for chronic digestive symptoms and IBS

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Reduce your chronic digestive symptoms


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Learn my the 4 steps in my Flareup Freedom Formula that will take you from Hot Mess Gut to feeling vibrant and confident in your body again!

What people are saying about working with Katie …

Screenshot-I have many wins, my energy is back, no heartburn pills, bloating has subsided and bowel movements are natural
Screenshot-I cannot express how much I appreciate al your work over the past 7 months
Screenshot-I cannot express how much I appreciate al your work over the past 7 months
Screenshot-I woke up so refreshed, so alert, so much energy, I haven't felt this good in a while
Screenshot-My pain is 85-90% gone and bloating is 70-75% gone! We are just halfway done working together
Screenshot-I appreciate everything you did for me. You helped me during some of the toughest times of my life. I'm doing better tummy wise.
Screenshot-My bloating is 70% gone and my gas is completely gone - 8 weeks in!
Screenshot-Overall I've been doing well and bloating, fatigue, and aches are at a low
Screenshot-I am 7 pounds down and having more regular bowel movements, stomach doesn't feel as bloated

“… this is truly a lifelong lifestyle change… my life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I have no more digestive issues…at all! I feel better mentally and have a better sense of well-being.  Not only that, I have lost 10 lbs. …”

–S.T., Nutrition Client

“… I now have the tools in my tool box so to speak that will help me so that if my symptoms flare up from eating foods that trigger them, I am able to manage them easily. This gives me so much freedom that I didn’t have before!!”

–E.S., Nutrition Client

“… It made me feel really comfortable that she not only understood what was causing my symptoms, but also took the time to explain and make sure I understood what was happening …”

–K.B., Nutrition Client